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Re: PR grey for all sites and Urchin tracked pages very slow to load

__/ [ Eric Johnston ] on Friday 10 March 2006 11:34 \__

> Since about 10am yesterday 9 May 2006
> All my web pages with Urchin tracker were very slow to load.  I fixed that
> gradually over several hours by removing the tracker code from affected
> pages.  I now  understand that I could have simply moved the tracker code
> to
> the bottom of the pages rather than having it in the head.   It seems that
> Google changed their advice about where to put the Urchin code and I had
> missed the update.

Remember that Urchin stats will be incomplete. Not everyone permits scripts
to run (i.e. spy).

> I've also notices that the PR display is now greyed out.  I've tried IE,
> Firefox and reloading the toolbars, but PR still all grey - for all web
> sites I visit.  Any ideas ?
> Best regards, Eric.

It sounds as though your IP may have been led to (temporary) banishment. Have
you tried changing addresses? Have you been running any tools that do
analysis based on data from Google?

Best wishes,


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