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Re: Linux Desktop Market

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php/20060310004035825
> ,----[ In conclusion ]
> | One way to change the tide would be to have Bill O'Reilly from Fox 
> News
> | recite all of Microsoft's war crimes. Bill could invite Gates and
> | Ballmer to answer live on the show. Maybe even Lou Dobbs.
> `----

The article does hit the obvious:

"I don't think better software or increased compatibility will have any 
effect: playing follow the leader, anoints the other guy as leader."

Which is all that OSS can do in general.  No marketing means no product 
market planning, hence eternal tail-chasing.  Far easier to fix code, if 
there really is a problem, than to fix a business strategy that doesn't 
allow for profit.

"That the people who sell and support desktops at the local level make 
more short term money on a Windows/XP installation than on Linux and 
have better long term social and economic prospects supporting Windows 
than Linux;"

That's the other side of the coin for linux.  It doesn't actually offer 
anything better for the user and it offers a worse scenario to the 
people who distribute and support.  Who loves ya, baby?  LOL!!!

"Specifically: the invincible ignorance of the non-technical decision 
maker who considers computers nerdish and therefore socially 
untouchable, while treating people like Bill Gates and Michael Dell as 
heroes of American business acumen."

Said like the typical linux sour grapes complaint, but spun the other 
way, linux requires an attention to computer technology detail that the 
great majority of users are not willing to give to something that is not 
a real problem.  Gates, Dell, even Jobs are looked upon as modern 
business successes that maintain the hope that, in the land of the free, 
anyone with a dream and a willingness to work hard can achieve success.

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