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Re: Microsoft "Forgot"

__/ [ NoStop ] on Tuesday 21 March 2006 14:55 \__

> It's simply amazing that after the great browser wars of a few years ago,
> where Gate$ went on a crusade against Netscape, that today he admits "the
> company messed up when it forgot to release new versions of Internet
> Explorer"! Is it possible that Microsoft could *forget* such an important
> thing because its primary concern is maximizing profits before serving its
> customers? Or was it just so caught up in expanding its empire into all
> other facets of our lives with "Windoze everywhere"? Maybe its memory is
> fading just because of old age? Whatever the answer is, we can be certain
> that non-thinking Wintards will just push this aside and excuse this lapse
> of memory as they line up for the next and greatest release of the Fista
> operating system.
> http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=30432

This  comes to show why competition is so utterly necessary. Without  some
innovation  from the competition, who would Bill and Associates have  ever
copied from? Gadgets? Brushed metal? Transparency? Even fundamental things
like  the  World Wide Web and the Web browser were unavailable  until  the
coin finally dropped.

I  truly hope, for the sake of the whole of humanity, that the O/S pie be-
comes  less imbalanced. Thanks to Microsoft, almost 87% of the people  are
stuck in 'old age' computing. Ironically, the folks in Africa will soon be
using  a  more modern O/S (Red Hat Linux) than their counterparts  in  the
West.  While  Joe Average in Midtown USA will stumble upon  different  Web
sites to collect fragile third-party applications, somebody in Africa will
have  RPM  patching up the system automatically. Think  further.  Multiple
desktops, scriptability, reliability, resilience....

Best wishes,


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