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Re: your opinion? SEO website instrumentation

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>* Volume of crawling, expressed in terms of bandwidth (most easily digestable
>as it's a single number that contains many pertinent details)

I assume you're talking number of bytes sent to each robot over some
time period?

>* Breakdown into crawler names (vendors). This enables the Webmaster to
>assess how SEO affects the different algorithms. It specifically tells the
>Webmaster what appeals for more attention, crawling and activity (often

Got that already I think.

>Last page fetched is irrelevant if general
>traffic is high and the number of pages is high. 

It can be relevant when you are adding new pages, I think.  For (a
slightly different) example, if I blow away the data for google then
look a bit later, the times on pages can tell which were fetched in
what order, which tells a lot about algorithm.  However currently I'm
only keeping last-fetched time so multiple fetches invalidate
conclusions drawn here.

>I also cannot see how IP
>addresses of robots contribute anything.

If you decide to block a particular robot on ip-address it can be
helpful to know what ip-addresses, I think.

>> [And if anyone can tell me why I keep typing "robit" instead of
>> "robot" that would be greatly appreciated!]
>Typing pattern habits as in "weird/wierd" or maybe a Freudian slip (Rabbit?).

I think it's mostly a case of pre-coffee fatfingering.  Thanks Roy.


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