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Re: ingin selesaikan masalah hutang, marilah kita sama-sama bekerjasama.......

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 

>>> Reported to 10+ abuse addresses. If that doesn't do the trick, I will
>>> think up a better one.
>> Thanks John, I too hope it helps. I was hoping that Bend Denial would go
>> away, but they obviously have an agenda that they are determined to
>> fulfill.
>>> In case you want to look-up abuse addresses yourself, check out:
>>> http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2006/01/23/
> Last time I filed a report (~4 days ago) against one of the biggest UseNet
> wackos (prolific, bad-mounted crossposter), the report somehow propagated 
> to
> him and he publically declared me a netkkkop (see my name in Google Groups
> if interested). I am no longer sure I can trust the ISP's and abuse 
> teams...

Interesting. I have been getting an abnormal amount of verbal abuse and even 
one physical threat in my email lately. It's hard to know what the right 
approach to dealing with this ever growing problem should be. I have tried 
to ignore it and pretend that it doesn't bother me when it's not directed to 
me. But that's like pretending the neighbour's house did not get burned 

I really wish this Usenet group had a moderator or a moderating team to 
clean up the crap that comes through here. I have been coming here off and 
on for a while and I think we are a valued community. For geeks of our sort, 
we need to consult in an open arena like this. The last thing I want to see 
is this Usenet group become like so many others and just become a place for 
spammers to abuse, with no care as to our individual regards for our 
community and our service that we provide for other less experienced in this 
specialty of SEO. People come here with sincere questions and concerns 
regarding SEO and search engine issues and we should be here to help them 
and also to facet our own individual skills according to what we continue to 
learn here.

Being born and raised in a free world and taught me to stand up for what I 
believe, is right is part of who I am, as is with many of us I would think. 
Things like spam are wrong. Black Hat SEO is wrong. Greed to the point of 
losing consideration of another person's life experience is wrong. Getting 
to the top in anything with no regards for "fair play" is wrong. It may make 
business sense to others but to me, maybe just me, it is wrong and I am free 
to point that out.

I understand that some people and some cultures don't see things this way, 
even in my own backyard. That doesn't make it acceptable.

I realize that there are no Internet referees, but I'm not against the 
creation of one.

I look at people who try to discourage me from stating my opinions as to 
what I believe is right and wrong similar to having the mentally of 
terrorists. Should I buckle down and start sucking my thumb in the corner 
because I am afraid? Have I no confidence in my positions on important 

I also think often about some of our women contributors and the many, many 
more female lurkers who frequent here. Do they want to see us capitulate 
over the pressures of disrespectful forces? These questions make me wonder 
about what kind of substance am I made from.

In best regards, Fred

( this is a good place to flame me too )
( ethical SEO issues, basic techniques and SEO resources )

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