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Re: Google-search by email?

__/ [ dances_with_barkadas@xxxxxxxxx ] on Tuesday 21 March 2006 23:50 \__

> I'm coming up on a military deployment in which I will have no web
> access, only an email address.
> Is it possible to do the various flavors (web, groups, images, scholar,
> books) of Google search (preferably "advanced") by email, for both
> submitting and receiving results?

Here  is  one possible solution: you will not be able to browse  your  way
through  the  results, which needs the HTTP protocol (Web  browsing),  but
have  a look at Google Alerts. You will need HTTP to set up queries of in-
terests  and thereafter, changes in the results (with summary/description)
will  be delivered to you on a weekly (?) basis by E-mail, which I believe
is  as  often as can be. You could schedule to receive  various  different
search results (matching different criteria) on different days of the week
to  increase the volume of input that you get. It is a one way request for
data  though as you cannot alter Google Alerts once set up (not via E-mail

An  ideal tool would have enabled  you to send a browser job (task) by  E-
mail  and  have the results delivered back to you. A few months ago,  Matt
Mullenweg  (lead develop of WordPress) wanted to get an E-mail-based  com-
mand-line  for  his  phone (rather than SSH/terminal access to  admin  Web
servers). In turn, tools like wget and lynx could enable the user to fetch
Web  content  by  E-mail (which is nonetheless slow and  unresponsive).  I
don't  believe that such services exist however. I believe *that* was  our
final assessment.

Lastly, depending on how HTTP is blocked (maybe just no browser?), you may
be able to find workarounds and still surf the Web. This could lead you to
trouble though.

Best wishes and good luck,


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