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Re: google groups "rating"?

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 


>>> i guess this is one more tweak google is trying, to motivate ng users to
>>> become
>>> googlytes?


> Probably stating the obvious, Google Groups are profiling users. It is
> already possible to see an individual's profile, which is 
> easily-tractable.
> I have already had some 'Google Groupers' [1] learn about me more than I
> desired, by looking at some profile Google had bound to metname.
> The profile contains an almost-real-time posting history and I agree that 
> the
> idea of uncalled for 'author reviews' is somewhat vexing (=~annotation of
> public data). Is it not enough that they infiltrate UseNet and very lately
> began to display Google Groups results among _standard search_? They are
> actually competing with me over content of my _own_ posts. Moreover, 
> anyone
> who posted with a real name to UseNet over the past few decades will 
> sooner
> or later be 'Googable' (without needing to do a UseNet search). HR
> departments will get that evil grin back.

Hmm. I started a Google Group a couple of months back and have only my two 
posting on it. No responses, no contributions, not even flame. I went and 
had a look at the rating thing and rated my posted "above average" maybe 
that'll get me a contributor or at least a reply. It doesn't really matter, 
I did this for a gimmick in case sometime down the road I need a historical 
Google Group for something, thinking in advance.

To me the rating thing is easy to manipulate. I searched my profile and 
found messages in this Usenet group using my hotmail email addresses since 
2001 ( and some others that I'm not very eager to admit are mine ). Wow, I 
hadn't realized that I had contributed that much over the years. I don't 
like that search profile feature though. I clearly see how it can hurt me or 
do damage to a person's reputation. It's amazing how I used to think about 
things when reading some of these older posts. I remember some of the 
projects I was working on in those days too, hmm. I guess it's all part of 
the stepping stones most of us take in learning and testing SEO techniques.

I almost felt a tear in my eye reading posts from some of those contributors 
of this Usenet group who have since stepped aside. Man, we used to jostle 
pretty hard about things back then but the air of camaraderie still prevails 
today and I like that alot.

So now I have a five star rated post, self-awarded. I supposed I have earned 
one good rating over the years.

In best regards, Fred

( this is a good place to flame me too )
( ethical SEO issues, basic techniques and SEO resources ) 

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