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Re: Best linux for windows user

  • Subject: Re: Best linux for windows user
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 07:19:44 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Lobo ] on Friday 24 March 2006 03:33 \__

> On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 18:54:53 -0800, AsherMaximum wrote:
>> I like linux. I'm not very experienced with it, but i like it. However,
>> i also like windows XP. Now, i know alot of people don't, but i don't
>> think i'm the only Linux-lover who is having an affair with windowsXP!
>> What i need to know is what is the best linux distro for me? So, if you
>> really liked Windows XP, but couldn't stand how bloated it was, but
>> still liked it's interface, what Linux verstion are you using?
>> Basically, i'm looking for a Linux version that looks and feels like
>> windows, but works like Linux. I know of Linspire, but there's gotta be
>> others
>> I know alot fo people will probable not like me because i like windows,
>> but please no flaming!
> I'm fairly new to linux and to gain some experience, I've been sampling
> different flavours.
>  http://distrowatch.com/
> I'm tending towards Kubuntu (KDE desktop).
>  http://www.ubuntu.com/

I agree. Ubuntu in particular (not Kubuntu) behaves more like Windows and
remains rather simple. Much like any modern distribution, it will be capable
of interacting with your Windows partition (a one-way relationship). It also
comes with partitioning software (bound to the installer), so no need for
Partition Magic on a floppy or anything like that...

If you like the general looks of Windows, you could still go for Linspire
(which I am not fond of, also due to cost) or PCLinuxOS (there are many
other so-called 'Windows clones and copycats').

http://tinyurl.com/cus2f (Vista lookalike?)

Any distribution in general can assimilate to and have the 'Windows looks',
but it requires some tweaking and is not quite so 'out of the box'. Linux
can be 'massaged' and extended to look like merely anything:

http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=28612 (OS X)

> Unfortunately, the non-free codecs, JAVA and a few other things are not
> included at install time. I suggest you try out Kubuntu Breezy (Dapper is
> not ready for prime time yet) and go to the Ubuntu forums and read about
> "Automatix" which is a script for installing all the non-free stuff. You
> will find a lot of friendly and helpful people there.
> I just finished installing MEPIS. Everything, including non-free stuff,
> worked right out of the box. It comes as a live CD so you get to play with
> it before you install. It also handled my nvidia Vanta with only a click.

I would also recommend SuSE 10 (or OpenSuSE) and Mandriva 2006. I haven't as
much experience with others, but Fedora Core seems reliable enough.

> Any of the distros with live CD's would be a good bet to try them out
> first. Some of the distros are quite bloated, but you can easily trim them
> to what you want. Tons of excellent software to choose from.

If you are unsure about the choice of a distribution, takes several of them
for a 'test drive', without affecting the state of your hard-drive.


> WARNING, you will need to know about partitioning your HD if you decide to
> install. I found running Linux to have a learning curve not much greater
> then going, say, from Win98 to WinXP.
> Enjoy your experiences.


Good luck,


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