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Re: 3rd party calendars that sync with a Palm Pilot

__/ [ ~~Alan~~ ] on Friday 24 March 2006 15:47 \__

> Does anyone know of a PC Based 3rd party calendar product that 1) syncs
> with a Palm Pilot, 2) can be shared between users on a network, and 3) does
> not require a huge server environment such as Exchange?
> We are a very small office with an even smaller budget with a user who
> lives by his Palm Pilot and would like to have his secretary have access to
> his
> appointment data.  It appears the Palm desktop software does not meet this
> need.  Yes, we are aware of limitations of sharing and things like that.
> Thanks,
> ~alan

Have you looked into Novell's Groupware yet? I have seen it before, but have
never been a user. Also, Thunderbird can be synchronised with a Palm PDA
while multi-user synchronisation is something in the making (though it can
be achieved using a network drive), I believe. Mozilla Lightning adds
calendaring to Thunderbird too and this Open Source package if free. It was
released just days ago. Also have a look at Evolution if dual-boot is a

Best wishes and good luck,


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