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Re: OSS Expo

__/ [ shrini ] on Monday 27 March 2006 08:58 \__

> Yes. We, Chennai Linux User Group. ILUGC, and the ARUNAI Engg. College,
> Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu  jointly did this expo.

Excellent initiative!

> Here is the details.
> http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.org.user-groups.linux.ilugc/28762
> And Photos are at
> http://www.shakthimaan.com/Mambo/gallery/album26
> It is really a great success. Many college students are interested in
> students were thinking linix as a pure console. While they saw the GUI,
> they got happy.

I see *exactly* the same problem. People believe Linux=command line. Others
think Linux=emacs; even in Britain, believe it or not. *EVEN* among IT
professionals who have experience and are sometimes seniors or veterans.

The stereotypes *must* be broken. They travel from mouth to ear otherwise.
When Linux penetrates more high-street stores and gets put on display
(despite the strong resistance from Microsoft stocks suppliers [1]), such
stereotypes will be broken immediately.

> Students put various stalls on various topics,as squid, firewall, web
> design, clustering, High availablility, LIRC, tamil computing, shell
> scripting, web scripting, networking etc.
> The wonder is, the students know linux for last one week only. within
> days, they learned to install, configure, prepare some topic and made a
> stall on that.
> they explained to lot of other college, other dept students.
> They realised the freedom they have now on their computers.
> Now, it is our part to continusly guide them on FOSS. We have to give
> them proper support on their admin, netrworkin and development
> processes.
> We hope we can do.
> Thanks to college and students.
> T.Shrinivasan.
> Indian Linux User Group, Chennai (ILUGC)


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