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Re: Web Site Attacks Against Unpatch IE Flaw Spike

__/ [ Peter Köhlmann ] on Monday 27 March 2006 20:56 \__

> http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/03/27/1739258&from=rss
> Acoording to our local security expert Edwin this is something which simply
> can't happen to his windows machine. After all, he is using the psychic AV
> software, is psychic himself (so hew knows which website is infectious
> without going there) and then he still has the "heuristics" of his AV
> software (never mind that those can work [for some incredibly small value
> of "work"] only after his machine got infected, which according to Edwin
> simply does not happen)
> In other news Edwin claims to be a linux user

To quote from the link:

        "[A] password-stealing program landed on the Windows PC
        belonging to Reaz Chowdhury, a programmer for Oracle Corp.
        who works out of his home in Orlando, Fla. Chowdhury said
        he's not sure which site he browsed in the past 24 hours
        that hijacked his browser, but he confirmed that the attackers
        had logged the user name and password for his company's
        virtual private network (VPN)."

This time, for a change, you cannot say that Microsoft have not warned you.
Only /they/ comprehend the severity of the issue, which justified a public
statement. Whether they will patch it along with the next update (April
11th) is something they refused to comment on. Their only advice is to not
open E-mails from unknown senders and not to surf unfamiliar Web sites.
Gosh, that's re-assuring; and convenient, too.

Best wishes,


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