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Re: Stats software

__/ [ Mr. Polzek ] on Tuesday 28 March 2006 11:45 \__

> Hi,
> Could you recommend any site statistics software?
> I know there is plenty of them on the net, that's why I'd like some
> recommendation, which obviously will make it easier to make a selection.

My recommendation: AWStats (free Open Source)

What I hear is good: Urchin (commercial)

Google Analytics provides Urchin-generated statistics, but it slows down
pages which get loaded (also needs embedment of code, i.e. labor). So, all
in all, the last option entails a cost (not financial), as well as benefits.

> As a related matter, could anyone explain how to handle with the DYNAMIC IP
> that is provided by my ISP? The problem is that visits from my own computer
> are also counted by my current web stat, although I exclude my IP's
. As it
> is changing, it leads to nowhere. Any clues?
> Cheers,
> Paul

I can't think of a tool that will achieve this, but if your IP addresses
reside on the same C/D block, e.g. 145.24.24.*, then you could quickly scan
the log the file and remove any lines that match the pattern in question. I
am sure that a built-in GNU/Linux tool can achieve this, but it needs some

Best wishes,


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