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Re: Strange Google

__/ [ phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 09:38 \__

>> Yes site was indexed in january and after 1 feb it got PR 4. Two days ago
>> it still had PR4 and more than 20,000 pages indexed. And last night all
>> desappeared!!!
> Shhhhhiiiiiittttt!!!!
> Frankly, I'm not surprised.  If I had done a search, got to your page,
> and had all those things done to my browser I'd have written a spam
> report to Google within seconds.

Even if you knew it was our Berimor? You could have reported to AISE
instead... *smile*

> Someone's reported you and you're banned, with reasonable certainty.
> When you have fixed everything (on ALL your sites - the manual checker
> WILL look at the others) then you start grovelling to Google.
> I'd suggest you fix things PDQ before the other search engines ban you.

In case a report has been filed to several search engines already (the ban is
a day old, is it not?), I suggest you take your site down while you work on
it. Don't give them a chance to assess your site. Maybe wait for a week
before going live again...

Best wishes,


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