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Re: Crash (and Image Management)

__/ [ Lawrence D'Oliveiro ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 09:25 \__

> Note to self: Do not try to import 7000 images into F-Spot.
> My hard drive churned away for about an hour. At first the rest of my
> desktop apps continued to be usable. Then they started getting slower.
> And slower. Finally even the cursor found it too much work to keep up
> with the mouse, and it would only move once or twice in a minute.

I too am  familiar with the experience or running away to virtual terminal 1
and killing processes from 'top'. I learned to do this /whenever/ and _as
soon as_ something goes awary. Never rely on CTRL+ESC because it may waste
crucial time. *smile*

> Then the hard drive stopped churning. At that point everything froze.
> Ctrl-Alt-F1 wouldn't switch me to a text console. Even trying to SSH
> from another machine wouldn't work. So I hit the reset button. My first
> ever software-triggered Linux system crash.
> Checking /var/log/messages after the reboot, I saw no sign of the
> dreaded OOM killer. Just normal background activity, and then my reboot,
> with nothing in-between. So it looked like it went straight from a
> functioning system to being completely wedged.
> Then I discovered that F-Spot is written in this Mono/C#/CLR thing,
> which is one of those instant-software-bloat-just-add-water
> technologies, like Java.
> Currently I'm trying to use xzgv to try to bring some order to those
> images. Its tagging function is useful, but having to type in the
> complete path to the destination directory for a move every time is
> getting a bit wearying. Also there doesn't seem to be an option to apply
> an arbitrary shell command to the set of tagged images.
> Any suggestions for another image-management app to try?

Google are currently porting Picasa to Linux. They are using a Wine-related
piece of software to do so, if I recall correctly. I don't consider Gwenview
a good image management application, but I recently came across various
bloated image suites, which are available for Linux and can be found on
Freshmeat.net and Sourceforge.org. Some of them were under development when
I last checked.

Best wishes,


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