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Re: Linux News Reader

__/ [ Coffeehouse Schmuck ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 20:41 \__

Hi Coffeehouse,

> I will stop top posting from GOOGLE if someone can show me 2
> things(explain to me)
> 1.How do i install feom Linux ?

The easiest method is to install software by going to the installation
section in YaST (or Control Center -> Software). If you download an RPM file
(.rpm) of a package that is neither in Control Center or your SuSE
installation CD's, you can double-click it and follow things from there.

> i am used to windows where you have this .exe file you click on it and
> it does all the work for you

That's the equivalent of an RPM (see above). Unlike Windows, you will find
that most software does not even need to be downloaded. You just tick the
desired package and then just press the Next button. It couldn't be simpler
than that. Once you have done this a few times, you will get the hang of it
and agree. You just need to adapt to changes in habits.

> in Linux,i get this .tar and .tar.gz after i download,whats that ?
> i apparently have downloaded thunderbird buthow do i install it?

That's a different method of packaging. If the .tar.gz file is not on your
Desktop, open your file manager (e.g. Konqueror) and open that file (click
on it). This will most possible display to you the content of this
compressed archive. Drag the contents onto the location where you want it
installed and voila! Job done. Just run the executable, e.g. thunderbird.sh.
You can create a shortcut if you wish. Bear in mind that Thunderbird is not
an excellent news reader, but it is far better than a rusty pice of software
like Outlook Express.

> 2.I have Pan and Knode,but everytime in PAN i click on a thread or
> post,it becomes white font on a white
> background......................how do i change that?

Look at the font/colour configurations. Are you by any chance modifying
desktop appearance in KDE radically?

> How do i configure Knode so it will download newsgroups?

To download them quickly, I personally just  press ALT+C+G. I am assuming you
have already set up an account and entered the address of your ISP's news
gateway. You also need to subscribe to groups of interest.

> I need an alternative so i can leave google and the one i know well,OE
> is not available on Linux

That's a good thing, trust me. Outlook Express is featureless and unstable.
Once you get accustomed to KNode, you will perceive this transition as a

Happy to helps,


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