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Re: Why Internet Explorer Should Not be Used

__/ [ Grug ] on Friday 31 March 2006 20:02 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Why is anyone still using Internet Explorer?


Article's title, not my comment.

> It just works I guess... I've never had any problems with it.  I know
> others have downloaded programs and clicked 'OK' to run them and get
> viruses, but I just don't do that...
> I've tried FF and while it's OK, it just didn't offer me anything that
> IE doesn't... plus I need IE for certain sites and also need ActiveX...
> so FF just isn't really an option for me.
> It's also easy to use, and performs pretty well.
> I doubt I'll even upgrade to IE7 unless it's an auto-update...
>> <=snip motive="unimportant" />

Unwillingness  to explore is a very dangerous ("self-destructive"  rather)
behaviour.  Allow  me to illustrate using a timely peroneal story. I  have
recently  become  active in the newsreaders forum only to discover what  I
had  been missing. I made the right choice. Not the right the choice of  a
client,  but a good choice by questioning its use. As of yesterday, I have
some  regex-based  filters to manage scoring in KNode and I have  realised
that  many features would definitely improve my life. It is easy to  cling
on  to what you have. I know people who still use Netscape 4 to deal  with

Grug,  I  was a bit presumptuous in my last post to you, so  I  apologise.
However,  I will tell you as a friend that you are missing a helluva  lot.
The  loss can never be realised because your conceptions are fixed on what
you /already/ know. I can tell you that I use around 20 Firefox extensions
and  nearly 10 in Thunderbird. The Web browser is not something you  would
easily  recognise,  but it is a powerful tool that enables me  to  deliver
news to this group very effectively, among other things.

To  me, the use of IE has become torture. I am sometimes forced to use it,
roughly once a month. The issue of tabbed browsing (or lack thereof) prob-
ably  accounts  for  20%  of all trouble.  Internet  Explorer,  ironically
enough,  prevents  you from exploring. It is so rudimentary and I find  it
unstable  too.  It is very buggy when you invade sites that were  designed
using  Web standards. Certain pages of mine cannot even be used by IR  due
to its bugs.

Take  my advice: download Firefox, learn about extensions, read about  ex-
tensions  recommendations and browsing techniques. To many, the browser is
the  most  commonly use application. Use it wisely, then prosper.  If  you
refuse  to move to Opera/Firefox/others, you may end up like the above:  a
Netscape 4 user.

Best wishes,


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