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Re: [News] Computers at School Have 'Insufficient' Resources

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ ray ] on Monday 01 May 2006 15:20 \__

>> Interesting indeed. I've installed Elive Linux on a number of P166s
>> with 64MB RAM, and it runs quite well!
> *smile* Just do yourself a favour and do not contribute them to
> schools. Their IT staff will (_attempt to_) wipe Elive and install
> Windows XP instead. XP is known to require 128MB at the very minimum
> to survive in the medium/long term. It's insanity.

I'd say 256 is a better minimum for decent WinXP performance with MSOffice
and a few apps open.

> Back when I was
> using Windows 98 (probably Microsoft's best O/S to date, for that
> time), I had only 28 MB of RAM and I coped just fine. Applications,
> games, the whole deal!

Yes.  I used my 32mb Win98 machine (Pentium166) for years for development,
gaming (Half Life 1, Quake2, Unreal) and web stuff.  Even today, that system
launches Office 97 apps faster than OpenOffice launches on a P4-1gigRAM

> Not only has nothing improved significantly
> since, but all went downhill from there. Notably: Bad security, greed
> for resources. Meanwhile, GNU/Linux gained steam and has found itself
> ahead in the game.

Ahhh... I get it... it's a game that hasn't been invented  yet.

> It just needs more advertising and shackle-breaking
> solutions (e.g. Thunderbird's Outlook/OE import, Samba).

Who's going to fund the advertising?

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