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Re: [article] Google questions Microsoft search

__/ [ Paul B ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 18:49 \__

> From http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4966366.stm
> Google has spoken to the European Commission about concerns it has
> over the way Microsoft's search tool is part of its Internet Explorer
> software.
> Microsoft has included a search box in its new version of Internet
> Explorer, called IE7, that automatically selects the firm's MSN search
> tool as default.
A few points to make (impulsive, sorry...):

* Firefox points to Google by default

* Firefox does *not* include MSN/live.com options 'out of the box'

* Firefox is not a monopoly whereas Microsoft is

* In most circumstances, Windows users need to use Internet Explorer, as the
means for downloading Firefox

* Google pay Opera and Firefox in order for them to point to self

* Microsoft's Windows Vista came under the European Commision's eye about a
month ago. The EC argued that Microsoft _may_ be exploiting its monopoly on
the desktop , elbowing aside or fully obliterating Adobe by accommodating
static outputs (PDF) in the core and having search bars in a variety of

Then, come to consider the instant messaging software, its binding with the
E-mail software, and the tight integration with on-line services such as
E-mail (there is even a standalone front-end for Hotmail now). The O/S has
become a whole big network that channels to users to services and ads. From
what I once read, the login screen in Vista will contain advertisements.

Best wishes,


*breaths out*

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