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Re: Microsoft may delay Vista (again)

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 20:21 \__

> Microsoft may delay Vista (again)
> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12596992/
> synopsis -
> Gartner says Vista will likely be delayed.
> Microsoft claims it won't.
> Gartner says slipping from January to March is nowhere near as bad as
> slipping from shipping before the holidays to after the holidays.

You beat me to it. By 1 minute! *smile*

> In other news: Amazon dumps Google, picks Microsoft
> Amazon.com has dropped Google as its search provider in favor of
> Microsoft, an important victory for the Seattle software maker as its
> battle with the 400-pound gorilla of search heats up, according to a
> report Tuesday.

I already saw that on April 29th. I even wrote about it (before anybody


It's all BS in a sandwich. Alexa/A9/Amazon's choice was purely strategic.
This does not validate quality of search engine technology in Microsoft.
Much like eBay/PayPal/Skype, they simply fear Google, so they sidle with
Microsoft. Mind you, Google have already got GWallet/Froogle/GLocal and soon
they may have GAuctions (all fake abbreviations) as well. It's only a matter
of time until Google sell books... And kick Alexa/A9/Amazon's (same group)

Macromedia/Adobe or Apple/Pixar/Dinsey are not under a threat as big, but
what about all those ISP's and communication vendors in the States? Verizon,
Cingular, AOL (recently joined forced with Google) have the Google Wi-Fi
threat. Sooner or later, many will discard Google.... for spite! Not poor
quality of service.

Best wishes,


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