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Re: Anti-Linux Defamer Brought to Justice

__/ [ George Ellison (undercover) ] on Wednesday 03 May 2006 03:10 \__

> [H]omer wrote:
>> On 03/05/2006 02:00, George Ellison (undercover) spake thusly:
>> > nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> >> The guy from Tuttle!  Amazing.  I was certain it was satire.
>> >> Actually, it *is* satire, even if it wasn't intended that way.
>> >
>> > I'm completely ashamed of living thirty minutes from that pissant
>> > town.
>> Any chance you could nip over and "re-educate" him?
>> I.e. - put a cap in his ass.
> I wish,,,I wish. Their high school plays my town's high school in
> basketball, so maybe I'll sneak over during an away game. But then
> again, the local news media might just peg me as an agent of Osama bin
> Laden and super-secret hacker "Cent OS". Can't have my family see me on
> TV; they flipped out a few years back when one of my cousins was on
> 'America's Most Wanted.'
>> It's frightening to think that this retard works in local US government,
>> but then look at the retard working at the head of US *national*
>> government.
> Don't blame me. If anyone, blame Gore and Kerry. Who the fuck loses to
> George W. Bush?

Hey, have some repsect for the President, please. *grin* These people have
made very significant to computing as we know it today.

Mr. Bush was kind enough to invent the iPod...


Whereas Mr. Gore was shrewd enough to invent the Internet...


Best wishes,


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