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Re: [News] Vista May See a FURTHER 3-Month Delay

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Wednesday 03 May 2006 07:03 \__

> On 2006-05-02, Linonut <linonut@xxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o'
>> wisdom:
>>> News just in:
>>> http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060502/tc_nm/microsoft_vista_dc
>>> Microsoft may delay Windows Vista again -- Gartner
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp.'s long- awaited release of the
>>> | upgrade to its flagship Windows operating system will likely be delayed
>>> | again by at least three months, research group Gartner Inc. said on
>>> | Tuesday.
>>> `----
>> I knew a coder for whom the completion of "the code" was always just two
>> weeks away.
>> Only makes sense it would scale up to a three-month interval for a large
>> corporate project.
> Aw shucks. An extra 3 months of angry trolls taking it out on linux
> users for delays, followed by the customary 2 week lull, after which
> they come back as angrier trolls because they start discovering the
> warts with Vista aren't even smooth enough to qualify as a French
> tickler. And it ain't greased either.

I never thought of the delays as a factor that will *ncessarily* earn
valuable time. See, for example:


Windows Vista delay no effect says Linux expert

,----[ Quote ]
| News that the release of Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista
| is likely to be pushed back will have no significant effect on the
| Windows market, according to a leading open source software expert.
| Con Zymaris, the CEO of consulting firm Cybersource and a specialist
| who has worked with Australian governments to develop open source
| strategies, believes that Microsoft may be able to make its self
| imposed deadline of Q107 for the Vista release. However, even if it
| misses by a few months, the Windows market will be unaffected, he says.

The point worthy of making is that each such delay is an implication -- an
implication that something rotten is going on at Redmond. It is also an
implication that Vista is in a terrible shape and, even a year ahead of its
release, it is half-baked. The 60% Vista re-write which _Microsoft
suggested_, as well as the exchange of project managers (for Windows), do
not make anything seems sweeter.

Best wishes,


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