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Re: Search Engines Relevance Benchmark

__/ [ Phil Payne ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 22:01 \__

>> http://www.cheaphostingdirectory.com/news-google-yahoo-msn-com-ask-co...
>> This looks fairly amateur to me, but it made the news...
> Considering the frequency with which the Ask and Yahoo bots turn up on
> my sites, their "freshness" score is no surprise.  Neither is the
> "staleness" of Google's searches.

Try Google News for anything that has recently been published. It improves
rapidly. Recently they added the "suggest as you type" feature (much like
Google Suggest)...


As for the study in question, the experiments could be carefully doctored to
support the hypothesis. If this study placed Google at the top, there would
not be much interest. It would *not* have stood out. I have seen
circumstances where particular search phrases are chosen -- ones with a
particular nature, e.g. heavilily spammed or a matter fortunate. I haven't
looked into the study in depth, but I'm sure it relatively flawed. As I said
before, that Web page looks very amateur. The graphs look as though a
15-year-old produced them as homework in Excel/Calc/other.

Best wishes,


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