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Re: MA Throws in the towel

"Erik Funkenbusch" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> On Thu, 04 May 2006 08:34:41 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> In other news, published today:
>> http://www.governing.com/articles/5open.htm
>> ,----[ Snippet ]
>>| While Quinn?s move seemed revolutionary to many in the field, the fact
>>| is that smaller experiments have been taking place all over the country.
>>| In an informal survey at a session held last year by the National
>>| Association of State CIOs, nearly 60 percent of information officials in
>>| the room said open source was being used in at least a quarter of
>>| their operations. There were serious concerns about software support
>>| and knowledgeable staff. But when asked whether open source had 
>>| the goals and requirements of those who employed it, 81 percent of the
>>| CIOs said yes.
>> `----
>> Back to your tent, E.
> That's a lot of text with very little content.  "open source was being
> used"?  Where?  On the server?  Most likely.  Probably Apache.  Lots of
> commercial JSP based applications run on Apache and Tomcat.

In our case it's engineering software. Our vendors began supporting Linux a 
few years ago, and now they pretty much support it across their entire 
product lines. Our IT folks would say that they're very happy with Linux (so 
would the users), and it's taking over more an more of the machines they 
administer. Linux is displacing Unix, though, not Windows. Barring some 
miracle from Sun, we'll be a Unix-free company in a couple years.

Of course, the reason we're replacing Unix with Linux is that Unix and Linux 
are software platforms, and virtually all our Unix software is available on 
Linux now.

-- Mike --

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