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Re: (OT: ping Roy)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ Blinky the Shark ] on Friday 05 May 2006 05:44 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [ trevor ] on Friday 05 May 2006 01:12 \__
>>>> hi Roy. i don't suppose you could help me out with killfile config on
>>>> Knode?
>>> Sure  I  could. *smile* Are you requesting a killfile or do you need 
>>> some help   with   the   fine-level  filter  controls?  The   kind  
>>> folks   at news.software.readers  have  taught me a few lessons and
>>> equipped me  with some valuable KNode tips in the past...
>> Roy, as Treasurer of News Software Readers, I've noticed that your last
>> payment for support is two weeks overdue.
> Hey, Treasurer (or shall I say "your majesty"!)... *blinker falls off*
> I   only   started  one  thread  and  replied  to  about   a   dozen.   My
> request/contribution  ratio is still stands at a mere 5% or so, if not far
> lower, group-wide.

Well, okay, then.  You made money on the deal.  Talk with Accounts
> Too  many XNews threads recently... drives me away... it would be

The Xnews manual points to n.s.r as a source of assistance.

> somewhat of  a  cyclical  case if I set my newsreader to kill  a
> newsreader  (e.g. subject contains "[XNews]") using filters...

Why would that be cynical?  I've filtered clients I don't have any
experience with or knowledge of.  Others do, as well.  Selective attention
is the *reason* for the group's convention of using "[client name]" in the
subject headers. No problems there; that's what it's for.  Some kill a
subset; others upscore a subset.

> Overall, Harold from the SuSE NG was right. It's a friendly newsgroup.
> One just /must/ be selective as many threads are application-specific.

See above.  :)

> PS - look ma! No hyphenation. Blinky urged me to drop the -h argument.


Blinky                                                   RLU 297263 
Killing all posts from Google Groups
The Usenet Improvement Project: http://blinkynet.net/comp/uip5.html
Coming Soon:  Filtering rules specific to various real news clients

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