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[News] Dell Troubled; Move Closer to Linux/Apple?

Dell burned by selling machines at bargain-basement prices last quarter, pain
may not be over


,----[ Quote ]
| Why would anyone in their right mind - or not locked into a contract - buy
| a Dell when Apple Macintosh runs the world's most advanced operating
| system plus Linux and even Windows (if need be), too?

Why not? Because Steve Jobs said no. Michael Dell has already showed desire
to include OS X. Dell already pre-install Linux with selected models (Red
Hat and Mandriva), including servers, desktops, and soon enough laptops.

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Dell (the company) has for several years fearlessly - and lucratively
| - sold servers loaded with Linux, the operating system Microsoft reviles
| and dreads. And as the industry's top dog it wields more bargaining
| power with Microsoft than other PC-makers. So I emailed Michael Dell,
| now the company's chairman, and asked if he'd be interested in the
| Mac OS, assuming that Apple CEO Steve Jobs ever decides to license
| it to PC companies. (For now, Jobs says he won't.)

http://www.fortune.com/fortune/fastforward/0,15704,1072719,00.html (the link
seems to have broken since)

What was Dell's message to Microsoft? "It's none of their business".

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