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Re: [News] TV Tuner to Support Linux

__/ [ Jim ] on Tuesday 09 May 2006 00:28 \__

> 7 wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>Linux Support As Standard From AVerMedia
>>>,----[ Quote ]
>>>| AVerMedia technologies has today announced that it has developed
>>>| drivers for its Hybrid TV Tuner product range to support the
>>>| following distributions of Linux; Fedora core3, Fedora core4, Mandriva
>>>| and SUSE.
>>>                        http://www.mediacenterpcworld.com/news/724
>> Thank you - Like Samsung ML1610 Laser (50 pounds at www.ebuyer.com), the
>> 35 pound Linux USB booting Mercury motherboard+CPU PVCLE266M (with AMI
>> Bios) (www.techfever.co.uk) or the 45 pound PC Chips M848A + 1.4GHz CPU
>> (AMI Bios) USB bootable mboard with CPU from ebuyer, or the 150 pound eSys
>> PC from ebuyer (Award Bios - does not boot usb flash), this just adds to
>> the list of stuff fully supported under Linux; all coming at a lower cost.
> don't forget the VIA Epia-M with 1GHz Nehemiah processor at around £50
> if you know where to shop. 6W power draw at full load. Combine that with
> a flash drive, you've got a totally silent, very capable workstation
> board with 5.1 surround sound and up to 1GB RAM.

I  have  already  seen the eSys computer going for GBP 127. I  suspect  it
excluded  tax however. I bought one for 170 including tax and delivery.  I
only use it for storage, music around the flat, and occasional SSH. It can
do /far/ more. Imagine the cost of a dozen of these babies... well under a
grand and a half if you get retail discount... this includes SuSE (not Op-

These  have similar offers in the States as well, but being the States, it
verges even lower prices.

Best wishes,


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