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Re: Ubuntu Dapper to Offer 3 Desktop Environments

__/ [ Da'Punk-A ] on Monday 08 May 2006 22:07 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> LinuxTag: Ubuntu offers three desktops
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | In his keynote address at the LinuxTag conference, Ubuntu head Mark
>> | Shuttleworth not only spoke about his concept of Open Source software,
>> | but also revealed a few details about the new version of the Linux
>> | distribution he initiated -- "Dapper Drake" is expected to be released
>> | on June 1. It is expected to offer users three desktops to choose from:
>> | Gnome, the KDE used in Kubuntu, and Xfce in Xubuntu. The latter desktop
>> | is considered to have a wide range of functions and nonetheless run
>> | smoothly on old hardware.
> Um, why's this noteworthy? The ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu trifecta has been
> been SOP for quite a while... I'm currently running the xubuntu-desktop
> version of Breezy Badger, and it sure ain't a new development.

The source which I cited was not a good one. I thought the exact same thing
when I initially read it. Seen this one this morning...

http://dot.kde.org/1147097810/ (see picture in the article)

,----[ Quote ]
| At LinuxTag on Saturday, a meeting of Kubuntu and KDE contributors was
| held in order to improve the collaboration of both projects. The aim was
| to to talk about the common future of both projects. Jonathan Riddell
| and Mark Shuttleworth from Canonical attended the meeting. Later in
| his keynote speech to the conference, Mark publicly committed to
| Kubuntu as an essential product for Canonical and showed his commitment
| by wearing a KDE t-shirt. 

KDE.News is usually quiet, dormant, and fairly inactive. This was seen as
enough of a milsetone to be noteworthy. Ubuntu is probably the
fastest-growing distro out there.

> There must be much more interesting things to say about Dapper other
> than it's being released in the same desktop versions as its
> predecessors.

Its release also deviated from the standard release cycle, which I believe
remains 6 months.

Best wishes,


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