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[News] Vista Outlook is Bleak; Linux Takeover Imminent?

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyone who has been following the tech news lately knows that Microsoft
| has been taking a beating. In addition to the standard anti-Microsoft
| sentiments which we have come to expect from the blogosphere and the
| open source community, lately there has been a lot more Microsoft
| bashing than normal. There has been good reason for this though;
| recent problems have brought the company to a low point.
| [...]
| In an article some time ago, I wrote how the release of Vista may actually
| be a good thing for the desktop Linux community. My reasoning at the time
| was that the rigorous hardware demands of Vista and its price could
| drive people to Linux. This seems to be doubly true now that Vista's
| intended feature set has become less impressive, it has been delayed,
| and there will be six pricing SKUs.
| [...]
| ... The growth of Firefox
| made it abundantly clear that a well planned, user supported marketing
| campaign can do wonders for free software. The Linux community should
| follow this example and take advantage of what is currently happening
| in the OS market. Consumers will be appreciative of a reprieve from
| the daily tortures of spyware, Internet Explorer, and Windows
| licensing fees.


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