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Re: web hosting with cpanel on home computer

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ SmakDaddy ] on Monday 08 May 2006 00:05 \__
>> "Jerry Stuckle" <jstucklex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:kPednWvPMuG5-8PZRVn-tQ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Nospam wrote:
>>> > I am trying to use my home computer as a server to host a website, I 
>>> > am
>>> > wondering how I get cpanel as a server with my computer, and the steps 
>>> > I
>>> > have to go through,
>>> >
>>> >
>>> Well, CPanel isn't a server - it's a way to control a server.  And it's
>>> available on several versions for Unix from http://www.cpanel.net.  A
>> one-time
>>> license is US $1,225.
> That's probably for large(er)-scale Web hosts.
>> Most everything you need is all Open Source.
>> Must install OS first and should be fresh.
>> http://cplicensing.net/
>> $52 a month ^ ^
>> Then, there's the increase in your Aspirin budget, followed by a dramatic
>> boost in your dependancy for alternative substances, followed by 
>> insurance
>> rate increases for too many therapy sessions, and, of course, the
>> obligatory toupee to fill in what you've pulled out.
>> Soon, you find yourself searching for a good vein.
> *LMAO*
>> End users like it though.
> I love it, but at times I report problems, which give my Web host a 
> miserable
> time.
> Examples:
> * Anonymous FTP dropped due to security issues (undisclosed). No proper
> replacement from cPanel for 8 months; and I am still waiting...
> * SpamAssassin keeps crashing (half a dozen times already).
> * Logs are not being archives and stats are not being automatically 
> generated
> overnight.
> * BoxTrappers and some other added features (e.g. cPanel-bound scripts and
> utilities) dropped temporarily, for whatever reason.
> I know these are not directly related to cPanel, but they are still worth
> mentioning. The host seems to require a lot of support from the cPanel 
> team.
> Best wishes,

Thats their fault for turningon all the features.
If you stick to the basic feature set then cpanel is quite stable.
Anonymous FTP was not dropped.
ProFTP had a security issue so any hosts using it had to switch to another 
FTP program.
Cpanel has PureFTP as an alternative but it does not support anon ftp.
That would be why anon ftp disappeared.
However, not many hosts provide anon ftp these days.
We don't so it had no effect on us.

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