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Re: Need to restore from backup

__/ [ ~~Alan~~ ] on Monday 08 May 2006 01:20 \__

> I made some changes to my calendar, sync'ed up with my palm , and realized
> I
> "accidentally" deleted a lot of stuff I should have not.  I have a backup
> copy from an WinXP backup performed about 18 hours earlier.  (I actually do
> this).  If I restore/replace the current files with those from the backup,
> what will be the results after I sync up again?

It  may,  but  it may not. Keep a good stack of backups before  and  after
restoration.  I  recommend  that  you set your desktop  to  overwrite  the
handheld  once  you  restore  from  backup  if  you  want  consistent  and
predictable  results  (e.g. reverting to an 18-hour-old calendar). If  you
have Palm desktop, consider merging 'by hand' where possible, assuming you
didn't make many changes to entries and dates spanning a year.

> Will I merge the old data from the files with the new data entered on the
> handheld since the backup?
> Will I loose any new data on the handheld?
> Will I make the restored database look like the current handheld?

Here's what *I* I would do:

* Make backup of the backup, set it aside.

* Make a backup of the current profile on the desktop

(**) Try to learn which *positive* (additive) changes you made on the
handheld. Make notes if necessary (been there, done that a couple of years

* Do *NOT* synchronise Palm and desktop and see the results

* Restore from backup to current desktop profile

* Synchronise

* Inspect outcome on handheld and desktop

        - If all good, smile in pride

        - if dissatisfied (information gone)

                > Restore profile settings from backup

                > you *MAY* want to hard reset the handheld (with data loss)

                > Synchronise and restore changes lost from memory and notes (see (**))



Hope it helps,


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