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Re: Walmart Linux computers - what's the experience?

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 14:49 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Cyberwasteland ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 03:20 \__
>> > hakro807@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> >> Hi!
>> How do you do?
>> >> I noticed that Walmart offer a few computers with Linux and I believe
>> >> they have done so for a few years. Does anyone here know how Linux have
>> >> been recieved among the costumers? Who is the typical costumer, how
>> >> many boxes have been sold, is the customers happy with their choice,
>> >> have many switched (back?) to Windows. If certain applications have
>> >> been missing, what were these etc.
>> Linux  was  received warmly by the customers, who clearly bought it for  a
>> reason.  Other than gaining actual ownership of their data, there was an
>> improvement  in reliability, resilience, and flexibility.
> I didn't see the <sarcasm> tags here so I have to disagree. There are
> many Linux users who do feel strongly about what you mention (ownership
> of their data, flexibility, resilience, etc.) but these people that you
> just described won't be running out to Walmart to buy their next
> system. The people you just described already have a good amount of
> computer knowledge and will likely buy a better system for less money
> elsewhere (over the internet)... even it if means installing their own
> distro which won't be the one that Walmart pre-installs.
> Most Walmart shoppers buy the computer because it's $20 or $30 cheaper.

No <sarcasm> tag was needed. I impulsively beg to differ.

The  most average among the folks at Joe Averageville will walk away  from
Walmart  with  a shiny Linspire machine, which is reminiscent of  Windows,
but gives less of a hassle.

Mind  you, everything is already installed. Joe will rarely be a long-time
Photoshop  user.  He will happily be surfing the Web, checking his  E-mail
(very likely Web-based), and compose documents. No need for serial numbers
for a cracked copy of Office; No need to wipe and restore factory defaults
whenever a virus hits the machine and slows it down to its demise; No need
for  pricey  software  and knowledge of common  software/Web  sites  (e.g.
adobe.com) as Synaptic/YaST/other centralise all and make it a box-ticking

Best wishes,


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