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Re: What's Running on a Googler's PC?

__/ [ Tim ] on Sunday 07 May 2006 02:18 \__

> Just found a site...I think it's about google pack, right?
> I found it very helpful though, but I hated the antivirus one, why
> can't they make it free?
> O, btw, anyone knows any free antivirus softwares?
> http://tt.pack.googlepages.com/
This  is probably not the most relevant newsgroup for this question to  be
asked.  Google  Pack  is free and it is used to promote  Google  software,
among  other packaged that Google get paid to distribute (e.g. bundling of
anti-virus software). If you need protection from viruses, why not upgrade
to GNU/Linux?

Here  is  a  good place to start. This distribution  (pack)  will  include
plenty  of excellent software. If you stick with Windows, you will be able
to  install OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird from these
CD's, which will be shipped to you for free.


Best wishes,


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