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Re: Google and Digg

__/ [ wd ] on Friday 12 May 2006 12:55 \__

> On Fri, 12 May 2006 11:16:22 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ wd ] on Friday 12 May 2006 11:04 \__
>>> On Fri, 12 May 2006 07:35:56 +0000, Big Bill wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 11 May 2006 17:40:34 -1000, wd wrote:
>>>>>Are you a musician?
>>>> http://ww.kruse.demon.co.uk/musicbox.xml You'll need RealAudio
>>>> installed. Click the rotating graphics. I'm going to get heavily back
>>>> into all this now I can do stuff here and punt it round the world
>>>> myself now there's no real need for the record companies' distribution
>>>> network, which gave them a stranglehold. I have to learn more about
>>>> production, though.
>> How old is this site < http://www.kruse.demon.co.uk/ >? The direct link
>> does not work, by the way.
>>> The page appears to be down with a stylesheet error.  I found the .ram
>>> files in the source though.  I can't listen to RealAudio in Linux
>>> because I don't trust RealPlayer (read their TOS ;).  In Windows I have
>>> some other program that will play them so I will check back later.  Have
>>> you considered mp3 or ogg?
>> I fully agree, on all accounts.
> I tried playing the file with Irfanview in Windows but it didn't work
> either.  Maybe Irfanview only works with .ra files?

I know very little about Irfanview and I believe(d) it is(was) just a free
graphical viewer/editor for Windows. I installed it just once in 2004. I
used my parents' Windows box and couldn't be bother to install GTK and the

>>> I'm a guitarist (classical, jazz).  I am at the end of my limit with
>>> computers, but need to make a living at the moment somehow.  I'm hoping
>>> to get out of it as soon as possible and teach music instead.
>> As in CuBase and Audacity? *smile* Just kidding, of course...
> I've heard of them but have never tried them :)
> There is Lilypond, but that is a whole other headache.
> Paper and pencil works great for music.

Yes, I know. I was reminded how how pleasant it can be to have music
generated by something other than keystokes, mouse movements and bumping
speakers. My cousin boasted his guitar skills a couple of weeks ago. It made
me somewhat envious... *smile*

Best wishes,


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