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Re: Flash Problem Solved!

__/ [ fish ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 04:41 \__

> A few weeks ago I posted a question on how to enable Flash to play videos
> that appear on the CNET website.
> Apparently I had installed Flash on my Windows (2000 Professional) PC a few
> months ago when I reinstalled Windows.
> While the Flash played movies on other websites such as NYTimes, for some
> unknown reason to myself as well as others, it would not play videos on the
> CNET website.
> My solution was a desperate one that had me hoping.
> What I did was logged on as Administrator and deleted my user account and
> all it's files (I did a recent backup first).
> Then after restarting my PC, I created a new user account, then I decided
> to not play with the Internet Configuration too much.
> I logged onto the CNET website and videos were available.
> What really baffled me was that the videos did not play, even when logged
> on as an Administrator.

Hi Fish,

As  I  was  involved  in the last thread (sorry, but I truly  ran  out  of
ideas),  I am very glad to hear that you sorted that out. If I /may/, very
politely   and  gently,  recommend  an  operating  system  that  is   more
consistent: consider upgrading to GNU/Linux one day in the future. I was a
disappointed  Windows user for over a decade. It was excellent in its 3.1,
95 and maybe even 98 days. It has gone nowhere since and scenarios such as
the above are the type of stuff that drove me away.

Best wishes,


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