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[News] Microsoft Woes: A Roundup


Microsoft vs. Everyone Else

,----[ Full quote ]
| Several articles about Microsoft's various battles have posted inthe
| past week. Here are some of the more interesting ones: Vista: Very
| Interesting Security Times Ahead [1] about third-party security firms'
| future with Vista's "improved" security, Rotten Effort [2] details how
| license fear-mongering is being used to intimidate existing customers
| into paying more, and Open source standard and new plug-in present
| problems for Microsoft Office [3] highlights the latest OpenDocument
| developments.

[1] http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/4252/106/



Also see:


Ballmer Sees Google, Open Source as Strongest Competitors

,----[ Quote ]
| Alternative business models, like that of Linux and open source
| and Google's advertising model, pose the greatest competitive
| challenge to Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer said May 11. 

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