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Re: Overclock the Intel D805 (2.6Ghz) to 4.1Ghz!

__/ [ linuxiac ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 14:11 \__

> the biggest news in overclocking since the Celeron 300A and the AMD
> pencil trick:
> http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/05/10/dual_41_ghz_cores/
> Without any added cooling, the fixed multiplier Intel Pentium D805 can
> be pushed to 4.1Ghz!  The dual core cpu is fixed in the multiplier to
> 20X, but, most boards can be flexed from 133 Mhz up to 200Mhz, and beyond!
> Tomshardware mentions added water cooling above 4.1 Ghz!  They are
> pumping it to 6 Ghz!!!
> Imagine THAT with Linux, for the cost of a $130.00 chip and the cooler!

Does  Linux really need /that/ much power? Overclocking puts stability  in
jeopardy  and  stability  is  one of the many strengths  of  GNU/Linux.  I
suppose  that  both  memory  consumption  /and/  burden  on  the  CPU  are
detrimental problems of OS X and Windows XP. A recent benchmark seemed  to
suggest  so, too. By raising the requirements bar, they urge the  customer
to  kick that upgrade cycle, which brings so much more money. In the  case
of Apple, hardware is bound to the software (O/S) maker's revenue.

This also reminds me of:


It got 'ultra-Dugg' this morning.

Best wishes,


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