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Re: SuSE 10.1 Upgrade or Not?

__/ [ jonah ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 01:10 \__

> As a newbie I have a few questions about this 10.1 which is being
> discussed
> Mainly is it a major upgrade and should I upgrade or stick to 10.0 for
> he time being?

10 should be absolutely fine unless you can (or wish to) spare the time and 
special interest in some of the features available only in the latest of
MySQL, Apache, KDE, etc. As somebody else said (the proper way), if it ain't
broken, don't break it. I am still on 8.1 at work and 9.3 at home. Very
satisfied for the most part.

> Just getting the hang of V10 but having said that I do not have
> anything critical on the SuSE box and it can be wiped, re-installed
> clean if necessary so I am not too bothered about any upgrade going
> horribly wrong.

Then /do/ consider making the upgrade, but only if you have nothing better to
do. *friendly smile* Just my humble, opinionated opinion...

> I just hate installing OSs its boring although it is eduactional with
> Linux.


> Wotcha think?

I think you may already know the answer and you just seek confirmation. In
any case, it's nice to see new faces!

Best wishes and good luck, whatever path you eventually pick.


Roy S. Schestowitz
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