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Re: Need help

__/ [ SID ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 06:37 \__

> I'm seriously looking forward for an assistance, so that mistakes ( i
> appreciate, i must have done something wrong, though to the best of my
> knowledge out of inadvertance and really clueless about what went wrong
> with a site that was picking up day by day) done by me may not repeat
> in future. But no one has really come out. Earlier when i faced deep
> trouble with Google Sitemap, i got many people to extend assistance in
> their own way. That is why i posted it here in search of some useful
> hints. Please do not utter cursing words, i'm enough demoralised since
> last night when i first detected such occurance. It appears that days
> have changed for me.
> Now atleast anyone from Google member ( i apologise strongly for the
> fact that you will have to waste  your energy too! for a while ) will
> look at my site for once more and tell me what not to do in future.
> Please help me out, ....

See  my response in the other path down this thread. I would love to help,
but  you  absolutely  must quote the relevant parts of text to  which  you
reply.  It  is  a newsgroup, not a dialogue where everyone can  get  quick
insight  into context. The better your posting habits, the more people  in
this group will join in and help you with a joint advice.

Best wishes,


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