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Re: Distro can make a custom bootdisk

__/ [ quickquestion@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 11 May 2006 05:28 \__

> Can anyone point me to a linux distribution that runs from a cd or dvd
> such as knoppix that will let me burn my settings onto a new boot cd?
> What I mean is, I would like to boot into a cd-based distribution, but
> once in, I want to use my dvd-burner to make a new cd that has my
> screen resolution preference, my network setup and my favorite
> wallpaper already stored.  Also, it would be a bonus if the boot cd
> knows exactly what hardware to look for.
> While I'm asking for everything, I would like to be able to update the
> Java and Firefox from inside the distribution then save a new dvd or cd
> so I can pick up where I left off.
> Maybe it is not possible, but I figure I'll ask.
> Any ideas?


I suggest that  you just  keep a copy of the distribution CD/DVD in question
and  keep  apart all  your  settings  files, either /with/ or /without/  the
distribution. In Linux, everything is a file^tm, so you could just create an
image (much like Norton Ghost) of your installation. Here are some pointers:

        man dd

For boot sector: dd if=/dev/hdd0 of=bootsect.lnx size=512 count=1

For entire drive:
dd if=/dev/hdd0 of=/some-location-of-yours/hdd0.img




Hope it helps,


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