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[News] Nokia 770 Accumulates Linux Apps

Linux-powered Nokia 770 handheld applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Several categories of programs run on the 770. Already loaded on the
| device at the factory are a slim version of the popular Opera Web browser,
| an audio player, a video player, a news reader, an email client, and
| various assorted desktop support tools are all part of the default
| offering.
| A second category includes mature programs that have been ported over
| from other platforms, but which are not included in the default
| production build. These include a VNC viewer/server, an FTP client, an
| X terminal server, an IRC client, numerous games, and a large
| collection of system-related tools. Some of these programs have
| pseudo-familiar GUIs, while others run from the command line. Note that
| the default production build hides much of the system-level operation
| of the device and keeps the user in the desktop GUI model.
| A third category includes programs that are in active development, but
| may not be quite ready for prime time. They include Asterisk, rdesktop,
| kismet, J-Pilot, and Tcl/Tk. There are also several "planned" and
| "wishlist" applications, but they are vaporware at this point. As
| of this writing, there were 103 programs listed in the matures
| oftware category, and 73 in the active development category.


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