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Re: Pathetic sound card experience :-(

__/ [ Haseeb ] on Friday 12 May 2006 19:51 \__


> I have installed the SUSE 10 (update online while installing) today.
> However, I have now under an impression that my OS considers my
> 5:1 speakers as a headphone. I can only control the volume (1/10th of
> windows volume) by changing the headphone volume.

I will venture to _guess_ that you are manipulating the wrong volume knobs. I
suggest that you open the sound mixer (or 'Mixer'), wherever it exists under
the SuSE menus or in the 'system tray' (Windows terminology). Now, please do
check that both 'Master' and 'Audio' (or others) are set to maximum. This is
where many people get it wrong.

Your sound card just sends output to your operating system. There is no
reason why Windows will get amplified input. the sound card does not truly
care which operating system it communicates with, provided that it was
detected properly, which evidently it has.

> Relateds:
> * I am a newbee in this field. Please answer me in a nongeeky way.
> * Sound card driver installation is ok (i believe). Its an Intel sound
> card.

On-board sound cards are easy to detect. Mine is an Intel sound card as well,
at home. Worked splendidly in Madrake, Ubuntu, and SuSE. No failures to ever
detect it, to date. Your accusation or comparison with Windows seems
premature and impulsive.

> * ALSA is installed.
> * Previously, in windows platform i was used to run my mp3s in winamp
> with DFX plugin. And it was a nice pleasing experince. Is it possible
> to have the same experience under linux? I mean some extra software
> driven effects.

Definitely. You just need to get more familiar with Linux software. I suggest
that you use AmaroK as your media player. It has many plug-ins, which you
can find in:


Also some nice skins/themes:


If you don't have AmaroK on your system, then also consider XMMS or SongBird.
XMMS has plenty of nice plug-ins, including output enhancements and tweaks.

> Thanks in advance.
> Haseeb, Ulm, Germany

Hope it helps. Enjoy Linux.

Roy S. Schestowitz
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