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Re: This reminds me of...

__/ [ Jim ] on Saturday 13 May 2006 16:33 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Jim ] on Saturday 13 May 2006 13:40 \__
>>>remember the guy who sued Apple because he couldn't get his iPod to play
>>>Realmedia files (or something equally daft)?
>> This tends to remind me of the lady who sued McDonald's for selling her
>> unhealthy food.
> or a woman (many copycats) who sued McDonald's for selling her hot
> coffee. My answer: Get the hell out of my courtroom and take your
> snivelling, scummy ambulance-chasing dirtbag of a lawyer with you. Coffe
> is /supposed/ to be served hot, you retard!" Of course now, McDonald's
> serve coffee tepid and even more undrinkable than it was before...
> almost makes me want to go to Starbuck's (who have never heard of
> /coffee/ flavoured coffee!)

Did you see Krmaer in that episode which took this further? Hilarious!  The
Layer Jackie Childs: "who told you to put the cup on? Did I tell you to put
the cup on?"

>>>"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. antitrust authorities on Friday rejected
>>>concerns that a search feature in the new version of Microsoft Corp.'s
>>>Internet Explorer browser would give the company an unfair advantage
>>>over Google Inc..
>>>The Justice Department said it had investigated and found no basis for
>>>concerns voiced by Google that a new search box included in the Internet
>>>Explorer 7 browser would give an unfair advantage to Microsoft's MSN
>>>search service.
>>><snip />
>> I  fail  to see a clear correlation to the scenario above. However, I  can
>> assure  you  that  many  amateur users will  use  MSN/live.com  search  by
>> serendipity,  until  the  next-door  neighbour changes  the  settings  and
>> *suddenly*,  Lo and Behold!, search is perceived as something valuable.  I
>> gave  Yahoo  a  test  run yesterday. Still no good*. MSN  is  even  worse.
>> Wikipedia  is  the  best  bar none (default in  my  Firefox  search  bar),
>> _provided  an  article matches your search phrase_. But, then again,  it's
>> not  a  search engine... just a site with a search facility  and  external
>> links...
> Much like the iPod is Apple's baby, search engines are Google's baby,
> IE7 is Microsoft's baby. Each is gagging to get into the other's
> established market, by any means possible, including underhanded tactics
> like format wars, FUDspreading, setting people up to sue their
> competition into the ground...

Welcome  to the United States of America. I suppose it could happen pretty
much  everywhere,  but  laws  must  be instated  to  better  _protect  the
customer_ who is, despite being innocent, getting caught in the midst. The
inability  to  assess from unbiased benchmarks, the lockins,  the  invites
(invitations),  as well as the demise of mom-and-pop stores... think about
it...  a  gruelling  and  corrupted marketing strategy in  a  world  where
production  is  nill (software manufacturing versus distribution  cost)...
this  begs for new legistlation. Interaction, standards and protocols  are
only few among the many means which prevent this.

>> *Results are too broad. They don't crawl deep enough and they index very
>> few pages in comparison to Google, who recently had storage problems and
>> dropped many duplicates to entail quality degradation.
> Google started out with a room full of old boxen and 180GB storage space
> spread out in external caddies, inside machines, and various other bits
> and bobs set up just to keep the whole shebang from falling on its arse
> under the load.

Was that a quote? I think I heard it before...

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz, Ph.D. Candidate (Medical Biophysics)
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