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Re: [News] Open Source in First Place for Application Servers

In article <2830189.UjhisA5Oio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Open source now ties for first place in app servers
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| Are open-source app servers sucking up ever more air from their |
>commercial counterparts? It appears that way.  `----
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/service-oriented/index.php?p=617

This is interesting:

    "Richard Monson-Haefel, senior analyst for Burton Group, blogged on
    recent market share numbers for application servers.  Interestingly, at
    least in this survey, contention for the number-one spot among Java
    Enterprise Edition-based platforms is now between an open-source
    platform and a more commercialized platform. IBM WebSphere and JBoss are
    fighting for leadership with a 37% share. BEA and Oracle are slugging it
    for third/fourth place out with 27% each."

Note that the total is way above 100%.  If an organization uses more than
one application server, it is counting for all of the ones it uses.  In
other words, it is saying that JBoss is in 37% of the places that are using
Java application servers, not that 37% of Java application servers are
JBoss, for example.

Here's all the numbers:

37.2% - IBM Web Sphere 
37.0% - JBoss Application Server
27.2% - BEA WebLogic
27.2% - Oracle 8iAS, 9iAS, 10gAS
19.7% - Sun Java Enterprise System
6.8% - Macromedia/Adobe JRun
3.9% - Borland AppServer or Enterprise Server
2.1% - Orion Server
2.0% - Sybase EAserver
1.8% - Apple WebObjects
1.4% - Novell eXtend
0.9% - IONA Orbix or ASP

That adds up to 167.2%.  From this, we can get the approximate share of each
by application servers, rather than by organizations:

22.2% - IBM Web Sphere 
22.1% - JBoss Application Server
16.3% - BEA WebLogic
16.3% - Oracle 8iAS, 9iAS, 10gAS
11.8% - Sun Java Enterprise System
4.1% - Macromedia/Adobe JRun
2.3% - Borland AppServer or Enterprise Server
1.3% - Orion Server
1.2% - Sybase EAserver
1.1% - Apple WebObjects
0.8% - Novell eXtend
0.5% - IONA Orbix or ASP

--Tim Smith

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