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Re: Internet Explorer Share Keeps Sliding

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On 2006-05-14, Larry Qualig spake thusly:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> >>> On Fri, 12 May 2006 14:48:09 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>>> This can be a reflectant of operating system shares, as well.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>
>> >>
>> http://www.onestat.com/html/aboutus_pressbox42_microsoft_internet_explorer_has_slightly_increased.html
>> >>>
>> >>> Ooooh.. a .65% difference.  That's not even statistically valid.
>> >>
>> >> Neither is your one-liner. Its significance is a mere dot on the line of
>> >> communication, never to even touch the error bars. Can you add some
>> >> *substance* to this forum?
>> >
>> > Do you really think being a news site syndicator is adding substance
>> > either?
>> Yes, it keeps the group on topic. I remember what it was like some months
>> ago. Other groups participants tend to agree.

(Raising hand.) Ohhh, ohh, ohh. Call on me! Call on me!

> Looking at some of the recent "News" threads you've started it seems
> that the "on topic" you're talking about has nothing to do with Linux,
> but everything to do with a everything anti-Microsoft sentiment.
> [News] Architectural Windows Flaws
> [News] Microsoft Set to Stone Self
> [News] Vista Bugs Bounty Hunt Begins
> [News] Microsoft Said to Have Bribed GoDaddy
> [News] Microsoft Earns Money from Bad Server Patch

Honestly Larry, even you know this is nonsense.

> The term "news" would be more accurate if it was truly news and less
> opinions. (Hint: Linking to a blog entry where someone whines against
> Microsoft is *not* news.) In many cases the titles of these threads is
> anything but accurate.

The Clinton administration sex scandal was first reported by a blogger,
not a 'legit' news agency, and the story was an exclusive.  He's not a blogger
anymore, but at the time he was. His name is Matt Drudge.

If you don't agree with an opinion expressed, fine. Usenet is for opinions,
and you are as entitled to one as anyone else. Don't expect others not
to express opinion, or news stories for that matter.



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