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Re: Internet Explorer Share Keeps Sliding

__/ [ Kier ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 16:16 \__

> On Sun, 14 May 2006 17:01:41 +0200, Roy Culley wrote:
>> begin  risky.vbs
>> <1147617746.413038.74600@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Yes, it keeps the group on topic. I remember what it was like some
>>>> months ago. Other groups participants tend to agree.
>>> Looking at some of the recent "News" threads you've started it seems
>>> that the "on topic" you're talking about has nothing to do with
>>> Linux, but everything to do with a everything anti-Microsoft
>>> sentiment.
>>> [News] Architectural Windows Flaws
>>> [News] Microsoft Set to Stone Self
>>> [News] Vista Bugs Bounty Hunt Begins
>>> [News] Microsoft Said to Have Bribed GoDaddy
>>> [News] Microsoft Earns Money from Bad Server Patch
>> When I first subscribed to COLA I used to often add [OT] to anti-MS
>> articles I posted. The FUD and lies spread not only by trolls but MS
>> themselves (OSS anti-American, GPL a virus, etc) convinced me that
>> anti-MS posts are most certainly appropriate and within the charter
>> for COLA.
> Countering anti-Linux stuff is, yes, but posting deliberate anti-MS stuff
> just adds fuel to the fire a lot of the time, IMO. What good does it do?

Thanks,  Kier. Your opinion will definitely be taken into consideration in
the future. I will try to balance my posts accordingly. However, /do/ bear
in  mind  that Microsoft-centered posts are often comparisons  with  other
operating systems. This comes to present things in perspective. Benchmarks
are  disallowed  to  a  considerable  extent by the  EULA.  Media  is  too
reluctant to go against the giant, as well.

The real facts must be voiced /somewhere/. Back in my teenage years, I was
at  times filled with fury over Microsoft's illegal acts. It's not time to
retaliate. It's time to disclose some truths.

Example:  when did the media blame Windows loopholes for all that spam  we
get?  When  were botmasters said to be taking advantage of Windows  flaws?
Where  was it stated clearly that Linux TCO is very low? Definitely not is
a  Google  searches  for  'linux', which Microsoft have  bought.  The  O/S
industry is in a very morbid state if Windows evangelist openly admit that
Mac OS X is better and yet very few people use it.

>>> The term "news" would be more accurate if it was truly news and less
>>> opinions. (Hint: Linking to a blog entry where someone whines
>>> against Microsoft is *not* news.) In many cases the titles of these
>>> threads is anything but accurate.
>> The [News] subject tag was added by Roy when another poster said he
>> didn't want to see these posts but wanted to see other posts made by
>> Roy. The majority of the threads started by Roy are News. Of course he
>> can change the tag to anything he wants but there'll allways be
>> someone who objects. Your criticism is extremely petty.
> Frankly, not really. It's an observation which I share to some extent.
> Shouldn't we be posting good news about Linux? Who cares about MS? Fuck
> 'em, that's what I say.

It  may  sound  simple, but people are innately resistant to  change.  You
must  open  their eyes to damage that is done to them at present in  order
for  enlightenment  and  research  to begin. Many  people  will  not  even
*explore*  Linux until they have become fed up with Windows and found some
consent/condolences.  A  Google  search pointing to COLA may  assist  that
crucial turning point.

> There are times when something which is anti-MS is appropriate, but
> mostly, it's just irrelevant.

Oh, yeah? See sig. *smile*

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