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Re: [News] Linux Sees FreeBSD Arriving at the Scene

__/ [ Black Dragon ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 14:26 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Black Dragon ] on Saturday 13 May 2006 19:25 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> FreeBSD vows to compete with desktop Linux
>>> The FreeBSD base system already has feature parity with Linux. This is
>>> about third party code such as GNOME and KDE.
>> Opinion: Feature parity is one thing, but in order to appeal to the public
>> they  will  have to exceed the expectations or have some better  licensing
>> offers.  I have thought about trying BSD on one of my boxes before. I know
>> and  very well remember that you have one yourself. However, I am not  too
>> confident  when it comes to hardware support and I would possibly struggle
>> when  it  comes to software installations (say goodbye to  RedHat  Package
>> Management).
> Despite the opinion of a single developer as cited above, I don't believe
> FreeBSD is ever going to attempt to appeal to the masses. That has never
> been its goal and I don't see why it would suddenly change now. Where
> GNOME and KDE go, I couldn't care less, I don't use them anymore.
> And yes, I now have two BSD systems. My server is running FreeBSD which
> I also do email and news from, and my gateway/firewall is running
> OpenBSD.

Interesting. I thought about it in the gym this afternoon. I'd really love to
sidle with the little devil, at least on one machine. Your experience and
recommendation gave some comfort.

> I think one of BSDs' strong points is package management. I used RedHat
> Linux for quite a few years and had my share of disasters with dependencies
> and suchlike. The only thing I ever had trouble with on FreeBSD was
> Java, and to this day getting a JRE installed is hit-n-miss. That's not
> a problem for me today though, I now prefer using MS Windows over X-Window.
> Otherwise my experience working with ports and packages has been totally
> flawless.
>> FreeBSD may be fine for servers with rudimentary or limited functionality.
>> One  of my sites happily runs on FreeBSD, but it lacks  function/usability
>> traits. It has no front end such as cPanel and apart from barebone Apache,
>> all I have is Webalizer. Besides, I like Penguins more than I like devils!
> That's too funny coming from you Roy. I often see you promoting Open
> Source Linux equivalents to MS Windows applications and now you're knocking
> BSD because it may not have a few Linux specific applications? There is
> equivalent software to those apps available for BSD, but if you insist
> on those, they'll likely run with Linux emulation and probably better
> than they do natively on Linux systems.

No, no. Out of context and perhaps misinterpreted. Allow my to clarify.

The Web host takes all the blame for lack of function. They have some highly
neglected FreeBSD boxes and they bother to install nothing extra. For 5
years! My later remark referred to that server/s, not FreeBSD _in general_.
The last sentence was only aimed at my own amusement. See my remark above.

Best wishes,


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