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[News] Despite Microsoft Payoff, Linux on GoDaddy Goes Up

,----[ Quote ]
| Netcraft says that 1.7 million hostnames at Go Daddy that had been listed
| by its survey as "other" in April are now recognized as Apache sites
| running Linux. Because of changes in Go Daddy's bulk hosting service,
| large blocks of Apache sites at the company have shifted back and
| forth between Apache and other since January.
| The new shift gave Apache a gain of 2 percent market share for the month.
| It dropped 5.7 percent market share last month, when Go Daddy shifted
| more than 4 million hostnames from Apache to Windows Server 2003,
| choosing to host its parked domains on that platform. This month,
| Windows Server 2003 gained 143,000 hostnames through that
| particular Go Daddy service.


For context:

,----[ Quote ]
| ...It's part of a continuing behavior pattern by
| Microsoft that I think it's fair to call "dirty fighting." GoDaddy was
| using Apache (I assume on Linux) because it was a great technical
| solution. They didn't switch to IIS on Windows Server 2003 for any
| technical reason. The switch was accompanied by a press release by
| GoDaddy, containing Microsoft promotional language. Now, I've changed
| many servers from one thing to another, but I've never made a press
| release about it. GoDaddy wouldn't be doing that unless Microsoft had
| offered them something valuable in return. There has been talk in the
| domain business that Microsoft has been offering the large domain
| registries a wad of cash to switch their parked sites. There is no
| other reason to do this than to influence the Netcraft figures.


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