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Re: MS senior VP Says Linux Servers are Better than Windows

__/ [ Da'Punk-A ] on Monday 15 May 2006 15:17 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The changes will help Windows Server catch up to functions already
>> | available in the open source Apache Web server, which runs on Linux.
>> | The combo has proven popular for hosting Web pages. "There's a reason
>> | why it's dominated--there are product advantages to Apache and Linux
>> | over Windows," Muglia admits.
>> `----
>> Wow, Bob! Are you sure you want people to hear this? Steve could throw a
>> chair at you right now...
> Heh!! This is like a topic I posted to on this NG a few days ago, where
> Ballmer had pointed out a couple of areas where Linux is better than
> Windows. 

...Let alone the cost of Linux versus Windows. When Microsoft rightfly admit
that Linux servers are better, one would wonder why the cost of Windows is
not nill, or minus 1000 dollars (i.e. payoff slash bribe /a la/ GoDaddy). 

> I suggested then that maybe a rebounding chair had struck
> Ballmer on the head.

Maybe that chair struck him back to his senses, to some extent.

> Microsoft have openly acknowledged Linux as a rival, and make mention
> of the open source system an awful lot.

They can no longer _ignore_ or _laugh_ at it. They have gone past that stage.
They no must _fight_. Fourth stage makes it evident that they fight a losing

> Unfortunately for MS, it seems even the seasoned FUDsters can't compare
> Linux and Windows without admitting Linux is superior.

Which makes you feel a bit sad for them (...NOT). The inner-conflict can no
longer withstand and no conceivable, carefully-doctored and biased study can
deny the truth.

Best wishes,


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