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Re: [News] Hewlett-Packard Say Linux "Not Smart for VENDORS"

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
HP exec on navigating the open-source waters


,----[ Quote ]
| Question:
| | HP sells PCs installed with Mandriva Linux in Latin America. When could
| we start seeing such Linux desktops elsewhere?
| | HP exec:
| | We could do that anytime. We do certify Novell on our desktops. We
| don't ship desktops with Linux now because the market is not big enough or
| cohesive enough from a worldwide perspective. We watch it closely, though,
| as does the Personal Systems Group [PSG]. Our regional groups have the
| freedom to work more locally if a customer wants it. So we do Mandriva
| in France and Brazil, and Ubuntu in South Africa. If there is big
| interest when SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell is released,
| the PSG can turn on a dime and offer it pretty quickly worldwide. | | I've heard, though, that OEMs are reluctant to install Linux because they
| get such great marketing dollars and softer incentives such as support
| from Microsoft when they install Windows. Also, Linux doesn't have a
| track record of adding new features and making the PC hardware obsolete
| every three years like Windows. So in the long run, supporting Linux is
| not smart for the PC vendors.

So, it's a matter of _finance_, *NOT* the quality of Linux as an O/S.


Sad, but, that attitude of some jerk with a Napolean complex, is why my 5,000+ clients don't get HP products, along with the fact that if it don't state LINUX on the BOX, they won't go for it... Some of the Fortune 500 are included in 'my clients'...

I am but a 'servant' to the powerful and rich corporations, and I tell every HP rep I meet to get the word on the exterior of the box, RUNS IN LINUX!!!

Include a DRIVER or the CDROM for Linux applications, that enhances the HP experience for the customer! You did it for Microsoft, damn it!

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