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Re: [News] Microsoft's 'Open' XML Ridiculed

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Saturday 20 May 2006 11:55 \__

> On Saturday 20 May 2006 07:58 Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>> On Sat, 20 May 2006 05:27:15 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>| And, at this point, eWEEK's ace reporter Peter Galli quotes a
>>>| Microsoft spokesperson as saying, "And this is just the first draft."
>>>| This isn't a standard; it's a straitjacket.
>>> `----
>>>                 http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS9189598911.html
>> Man, there is simply no pleasing some people.  The entire POINT of a
>> standard is to define things in such detail that a 100% compatible
>> implementation can be made.
>> Now, they're complaining that the standard is too tightly defined, and
>> that it eschews "innovation", something which, by definition, cannot be
>> applied to a standard.
>> He also conveniently ignores the fact that ODF is also based on an
>> existing product.
> http://dot.kde.org/1148043309
> "The position of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) was today strengthened by
> the K Desktop Environment (KDE) joining the ODF Alliance. KDE joins other
> partners such as Oracle, SUN Microsystems, Mandriva, IBM and Junta de
> Andalucia in promoting the OpenDocument Format as a market leader in
> document exchange and storage"
> "The fact that KOffice provides an independent implementation of the
> OpenDocument file format, and was able to take part in its specification,
> proves that OpenDocument is actually a standard, not just a rubber stamp on
> Sun's OpenOffice file format. What makes an open standard is not merely
> approval by a committee, but independent implementations.", says David
> Faure, KOffice developer and member of the OASIS technical committee for
> OpenDocument"

I saw that announcement this morning. KDE's obvious (and well forecasted)
joining to the club has even reached the news. Thanks for replying to that
rubbish argument as I never reply to such posters. Also see quote /de jour/:


,----[ Snippet ]
| FUD is a commonly used tactic in the online forum game Werewolf. The
| basic notion of the game is that several players are evil werewolves but
| they must convince the other players they are not and instead get
| innocent people "lynched". Werewolves are invariably caught in their
| lies, which are identified by the FUD principle. They are pushing
| Fear, causing a sense of Uncertainty, and making people Doubt their
| actions. This causes the "village" (the good players) to act in a
| chaotic manner which allows Werewolves to push the lynch to a target
| of their choosing.

Best wishes,


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